Budenheim Worldwide

Not only keeping up, but leading the way: For 20 years Budenheim has been pushing its internationalisation. Budenheim produces far beyond Germany's borders and is thus always close to people and their markets. Customer proximity and specialisation on innovative, custom-made solutions are important factors for our company's international success. High-purity additives from production sites in Spain, Germany, Mexico, China, and the USA improve people's quality of life worldwide and strengthen the key markets.

Budenheim Germany

The traditional company Budenheim has its origin in a small German town of the same name. Today it is considered a customer-oriented specialist for high-quality phosphates and specialist chemistry everywhere in the world. Budenheim's philosophy embraces innovative strength and a thirst for discovery and helps to continuously open up new markets.Today, Budenheim Germany is one of the production sites to be found all over the world and the location of the global enterprise's headquarters.…  more

Budenheim USA

Customer proximity through market presence and a reliable production system: In Mansfield, Ohio, Budenheim USA produces specialty chemicals for metal treatment applications.…  more

Budenheim Spain in La Zaida

Flame proofing saves lives. However, conventional, halogenated flame retardants release dangerous toxic substances after they have done their job. Budenheim Ibérica's production site in La Zaida (Zaragoza) is a specialist for fire prevention and manufacturer of halogen-free flame retardant additives, thus contributing to the protection of health and environment.…  more

Budenheim Spain in El Puig

The production site that Budenheim Ibérica maintains in El Puig (Valencia) is part of Budenheim since 2006 and is the specialist for seafood additives. These improve quality, shelf-life and processing of the foodstuff. High quality standards, technical know-how and comprehensive knowledge of the market secure the top position with an enormous potential for growth on this global market for Budenheim Ibérica.…  more

Budenheim Mexico

At the site in Monterrey in México, Budenheim manufactures phosphates and sodium aluminium sulphates for the global markets. Budenheim México is mainly specialised on high-quality food-grade products.…  more

Budenheim China

With its site in China, Budenheim is also represented on the Asian continent. The production site is located in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP), one of the world's most modern industry parks, providing optimal production conditions for top-quality phosphates.…  more

Budenheim India

Budenheim India is the Sales Coordination Office for Budenheim Products for the Indian Market. The establishment of Budenheim India underlines the commitment of Budenheim to customer proximity in one of the most dynamic emerging countries world-wide and serves as a platform for future ventures of Budenheim in the Indian market.…  more

Budenheim Singapore

Budenheim Singapore is the sales coordination office for Budenheim’s products in the Asia Pacific region, including Australasia. Located in the centre of the world’s fastest growing region, home to more than 60% of the population, and serving a diverse culture, Budenheim is close to its customers and markets.…  more

JV Emaphos

The joint venture in Morocco is of fundamental importance for Budenheim.
The production site in Jorf Lasfar, near the city El Jadida 100 km South-West of Casablanca, manufactures phosphoric acid of high purity, the basis for Budenheim's phosphate product range.…  more