Budenheim Germany

The traditional company Budenheim has its origin in a small German town of the same name. Today it is considered a customer-oriented specialist for high-quality phosphates and specialist chemistry everywhere in the world. Budenheim's philosophy embraces innovative strength and a thirst for discovery and helps to continuously open up new markets.Today, Budenheim Germany is one of the production sites to be found all over the world and the location of the global enterprise's headquarters.

At the production sites on the Rhein, Budenheim manufacturers high-purity phosphates for applications covering all areas of life and all branches of industry. Budenheim does not rely on "off-the-peg" products, but on custom-made solutions: in close co-operation with the customer, product concepts are developed which are tailor-made for the final product - with great success.

The presence in figures: Today, Budenheim's workforce of 1,200 produces more than 1,000 products for about 3,000 customers. In one year this amounts to 230,000 t of phosphates for foodstuffs, drugs, water treatment and technical applications in about 100 countries. By now, 75 % of the turnover come from foreign business, being a good reason to expand production beyond the national borders. The company's global presence makes it possible to be close to customers worldwide and to expand both competences and product range.

Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG

Rheinstraße 27
55257 Budenheim

Phone +49 6139-89 0

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