Flame proofing saves lives. However, conventional, halogenated flame retardants release dangerous toxic substances after they have done their job. Budenheim Ibérica's production site in La Zaida (Zaragoza) is a specialist for fire prevention and manufacturer of halogen-free flame retardant additives, thus contributing to the protection of health and environment.

The Spanish Budenheim sister based in La Zaida has been a member of the Budenheim Group since 1996 and is the only flame retardant manufacturer specialised in halogen-free flame retardants. These are based on anorganic phosphorus compounds and do not leave any toxic residues. Thus, they offer a maximum of protection, not only during but also in case of a fire.
At the production site with its 150,000 sqm more than 100 different and mainly custom-made products are developed and manufactured. The integration of innovative impulses in the development of products, excellent quality standards, and production according to ISO 14.001:2005 are a matter of course.
Safety, health and environmental protection - Budenheim Ibérica proves that "green chemistry" is more than just a well-meant buzzword.

Budenheim Ibérica S.L.U. - Production site in La Zaida (Zaragoza)

Extramuros, s/n
50784 La Zaida Zaragoza

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