Budenheim Spain in El Puig

The production site that Budenheim Ibérica maintains in El Puig (Valencia) is part of Budenheim since 2006 and is the specialist for seafood additives. These improve quality, shelf-life and processing of the foodstuff. High quality standards, technical know-how and comprehensive knowledge of the market secure the top position with an enormous potential for growth on this global market for Budenheim Ibérica.

At its production site near to Valencia, Budenheim exclusively manufactures products and product concepts to enhance fish and seafood.
The portfolio is just as diverse as what the sea has to offer. Each type of fish, mussel, shrimp or crab requires its own special treatment. Food additives from Budenheim provide the right degree of moisture and preservation for seafood while also maintaining and stabilising its natural nutrient content. In addition, they prevent discolouration of fish and on the shells of mussels and crustaceans.
With specialties from Budenheim seafood reaches the table in perfect condition, tasting succulent and fresh.

High quality standards, consistent research, continued development and individual solutions sustainably contribute to securing Budenheim its pole position.


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Budenheim Ibérica S.L.U. - Production site in El Puig (Valencia)

C/Les Rotes, 13, Pol. Ind. No. 7
46540 El Puig (Valencia)

Phone +34 96 1479019