Budenheim USA, Inc.

Budenheim USA produces phosphates for numerous applications. With its local presence and production it guarantees wide market coverage, proximity to the customer and excellent service.

The company site in Columbus, Ohio, where the North American sales office is located, significantly increases our market opportunities. Its strategic location facilitates the efficiency of the customer proximity required to provide individual product solutions. Customer proximity does not stop at the warehouse gates: the entire delivery process is performed with our own reliable distribution system, also facilitating additional logistical services like re-filling into silo trucks on site.

A quick look back

In 1984 Budenheim took over first shares in Gallard & Schlesinger Inc. on Long Island, New York. This paved the way into the American market.
In 2005 Budenheim was able to complete the acquisition of Gallard & Schlesinger. It was subsequently renamed Budenheim USA, Inc. and moved to Columbus, Ohio. In 2018, Budenheim USA, Inc. moved its production and warehousing operations to Mansfield, Ohio, where the new Fulfilment Center is now established. The corporate office moved into a new location as well, but it remains within Columbus.

Budenheim has not only convinced the American meat producers: It successfully and sustainably covers the entire American food market. Besides, Budenheim USA also develops numerous specific phosphate solutions for pharmaceutical and industrial products.

Budenheim USA, Inc.

855 Grandview Avenue Suite 120
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Phone: +1 614 3452400