JV Emaphos

The joint venture in Morocco is of fundamental importance for Budenheim.
The production site in Jorf Lasfar, near the city El Jadida 100 km South-West of Casablanca, manufactures phosphoric acid of high purity, the basis for Budenheim's phosphate product range.
Emaphos is a joint venture with Moroccan and Belgian partners, located in Casablanca, a seaport on the Atlantic Ocean.
In a region around the city of Khouribga, the "Plateau of Phosphate" about 120 km South-East of Casablanca, and only a few metres under the earth´s surface, there are phosphate-containing layers which are millions of years old. Our Moroccan partners OCP, Office Chérifien des Phosphates, mines these sediment phosphates in open pit mines and uses them to produce crude phosphoric acid on its production site in Jorf Lasfar. This crude phosphoric acid or MGA (Merchant Grade Acid) is the raw material for Emaphos. By extractive cleaning of the crude phosphoric acid a high-purity phosphoric acid is then produced, which is the basis for Budenheim's phosphate product range.
After entering the joint venture, Budenheim relocated its entire production of phosphoric acid to Morocco and secured efficiency and availability for all Budenheim sites worldwide.
Budenheim processes 80 % of the phosphoric acid from Emaphos in high-quality phosphates of different grades for many different areas of application. 20 % of the high-purity phosphoric acid are sold directly by Budenheim.