Oetker Group

Budenheim has been part of the Oetker Group since 1923. The Oetker name stands for internationality, diversification and success over four generations. The Oetker Group's independence with its stable social and shareholding background, its clear commitment to sustainable value orientation and its willingness to undertake responsible investments supports a long-term strategy. Budenheim has the best foundation for growth and innovation.

The Oetker Group is controlled centrally, but managed locally: the five-strong board of directors is responsible for Group strategy and orientation. The board is made up of both individually liable shareholders of Dr. August Oetker KG, Bielefeld, Germany, and three representatives of the largest branches of the Oetker Group. On the market, Budenheim works like the other companies within the Group - on the basis of a long-term strategy and an effective reporting system - with top levels of sustainability and independency.

In harmony with economic value creation, Budenheim assumes both ecological and social responsibilities. The long-term safeguarding and enhancement of created values always assumes priority. For many decades, the orientation of the Oetker Group has gone hand in hand with comprehensive sustainability at Budenheim, where short-term trends are replaced by long-term responsibilities for and with our fellow humans.