The production of high-quality phosphates was the key to success. Innovative processes and methods are the driving force behind our growth.

From 1916 the Budenheim chemical factory used a high-pressure procedure to produce calcium and sodium pyrophosphate as baking powder foaming agents. As one of the very first producers, we were able to produce phosphates with consistently high levels of quality.

The company's first successes came with the merger with the Bielefeld-based family company Dr. August Oetker, the contemporary leader in baking and dessert powder production in the whole of Europe. At the beginning of the 1920s the demand for baking powder rocketed, and Budenheim became Oetker's main supplier of high-quality sodium pyrophosphate, an important ingredient in baking powder.

In 1923 Oetker became the majority shareholder, which proved to be a significant stabilising factor: on the one hand, this guaranteed a large part of sales, and on the other, the partnership with Oetker presented the best conditions for opening up new areas of application for phosphate salts. Salts for the production of processed cheese, flour improvement, washing and cleaning products, water treatment, metal treatment and medicine expanded the product offer further.

By the 1920s and 1930s Budenheim was a firm leader in Germany. The same applied to exportation. At the end of the 1930s more than 10,000 tonnes of phosphate salts were sold to other countries, mostly to foreign Oetker representatives. As the 1970s dawned, we developed our very own process to obtain pure phosphoric acid at a level of quality that met the high requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. With this technology, we became the world-leading producer of phosphates and phosphate specialities.

These technological developments gave rise to the company decision to expand its business activities. As a result of this, the company acquired shares in Gallard Schlesinger in 1984, thus increasing customer proximity on the American market. In 1999 shares in Eqisa Mexico were purchased to include sodium aluminium sulfate for the production of baking goods in our product portfolio. Through the acquisition of the Spanish company Budenheim Ibérica in La Zaida, our product range was expanded further to include flame protection and special mineral phosphates. In order to stretch our activities into the area of seafood, we acquired the Valencia-based company ALTESA in 2006.

All these steps have enabled us to offer phosphates in truly unique quality and versatility.