Budenheim boasts a long and eventful history. Innovative skills and a thirst for discovery have accompanied us at every step, helping us to achieve extraordinary success. Today, we are the world's leading phosphate specialist, and we structure our future with constant, sustainable growth.

When the Budenheim chemical plant was established in 1908 for the production of tartar, no one ever imagined that this would be the foundations of a global company.
It all began when the entrepreneurs Ludwig Utz and Jean Hensel founded the Budenheim chemical factory in the small village of Budenheim, near Mainz, in 1908. The initial aim was to produce tartar, with coffee granules being added to the product portfolio later. After World War One, the company management decided to attempt a forward-looking product development, the consolidation and expansion of phosphate production, thus setting the course for success. As the very first company that succeeded in offering phosphates in unfaltering high quality, Budenheim quickly became the leading manufacturer of phosphates in Germany.

Innovation in the variety of products, as well as in processes and methods, enabled the company to make continuous advances. In the 1970s we developed our own procedure for obtaining pure phosphoric acid for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Today, we are one of the international leaders in this sector, with a production of some 230,000 tonnes of phosphate every year for the food and pharmaceutical industries, water treatment and countless technical applications. Over 3,000 customers in more than 100 countries trust in us.

Another decisive factor in the positive development of our company is our link to the Bielefeld-based company Dr. Oetker that we've had since 1923. Today, we belong to the Oetker Group, and embrace its company principles for long-lasting value orientation and responsible investment.