How much quality is there in life?

Budenheim has a clear commitment: we want to use our products to make life better - nicer, tastier, easier and safer. It's as simple as that! It's similar to saying: we want to conjure up a smile on everyone's face. And it's this attitude that holds the secret of our success. You have to aim high.

How much quality of life comes from Budenheim?

Budenheim ingredients are in everything around us in everyday life. From dusk till dawn. When you're at home or out and about, when you take a flight and feel safe. When your little girl takes a big bite of her birthday cake. When you glide safely round a corner in your new car. When you turn on the tap without thinking twice about it, and clean drinking water comes out. When a mother feeds her baby boy to make him healthy and strong. We are everywhere, working almost unnoticed to improve the quality of life.

How much responsibility is in responsibility?

As a company that actively participates in life through its products, Budenheim assumes a degree of responsibility that is extremely hard to classify. There is nothing we don't care about. Beginning with the quality of our raw materials, the selection and guidance of our business partners, the constant improvement of all products and processes, the environmentally friendly and sustainable treatment of resources. A responsibility that acts as an incentive, and that remains at the forefront of our minds all the time.