Budenheim’s “Environmental Stress Index” (ESX)
Change in summarized environmental stress at Budenheim site (1994 = 1000)

Let's give the environment a chance to speak first

People are convincing when they act of their own free will. As the world's first phosphate producer, Budenheim participated voluntarily in the EC Eco-Audit in 1996, and successfully established an environmental management system in the company. The special significance of the environment venture has been proven ever since through our sustainable environmental policy. A company policy that fulfils economic, social and environmental aspects.

We're through with deciding between environment and chemistry

Another piece of good news for the environment is presented by the environmental stress index. Over the past few years, its measurements have resulted in impressive improvements. An example? Our improvement management methodology Six Sigma is implemented throughout the whole company. Its effect on environmental protection: in the space of one year, we were able to achieve natural gas savings of 150,000 m3. This is equivalent to the annual natural gas consumption of 92 family homes.

At Budenheim, environmental protection is more than a passing notion.

Nature is helped by actions, not words. In light of this, we have consistently defined the coexistence of the environment and chemical production in our company aims, and have established an environmental division. The Budenheim environmental management system follows clear guiding principles and receives the same dedicated consideration as a business area. A clear structure ensures that environmental protection is embraced throughout the entire company - tasks, authorities and responsibilities are clearly regulated. ... more