On green transport routes to the future

Environmental protection and efficient resource management are the central objectives of the sustainable environmental policy at Budenheim. Due to this, the environmental management system continuously controls and optimizes all the structures and processes of the business. Improvement projects in the production, administration and logistics areas provide for lasting reduction of environmental damages. The transport routes for phosphoric acid in food quality were recently scrutinized.

Green logistics is profitable

Cost pressure in supply chain management is enormous. Because of this, strategies to sustainably relieve the environment must also be economically profitable. Thanks to the close collaboration of all involved logistic partners, Budenheim has been able to take decisive steps forward in this area. Decisive steps toward sustainable and economic green logistics.

Reduction of transport weights

Our logistics partner, HOYER Foodlog, transports phosphoric acid in food quality in special tank containers (TCVU), which are exclusively in transit for Budenheim. A maximum capacity of 29,500 kg weightload per haul is attained, using their new, modern, and extremely light-weight equipment, thus reducing the number of hauls necessary for transport of this product.

Switch from street to rail

The switch of transport routes from street to rail was tested for customers in Ireland. Budenheim was mainly concerned with environmentally-conscious decisions here, apart from the cost-effective procurement aspect.

Impressive results

The advantages of intermodal transport, the combined transport routes of street and rail compared to street transport only, are impressive:

  • 55 % CO2 savings
  • 29 % less energy requirements with rail traffic
  • 40 times lower accident risk
  • approx. 1,875 kg less carbon dioxide emission on the hauling route of 1,500 km of rail transport
  • significant reduction of total costs

Benefits for our customers and all the best for the environment

The good, close collaboration between HOYER Foodlog and Budenheim created an exemplary, eco-friendly logistics concept, from which the customers benefit. We were able to pass on the significant cost savings to them. With our goal of putting green logistics concepts into practice in all aspects of our business, Budenheim, together with all its customers, is investigating the possibility of environmentally-friendly delivery of our products.