At Budenheim, innovation is based
on a long tradition

Does sudden inspiration appear out of nowhere? Unfortunately not. Groundbreaking ideas only seem to appear out of the blue; in reality, they are born from intensive work in research projects. We have learned and have turned it into the basis of all of our thought processes and actions. And as a consequence, the will to change has been an active, structured process at Budenheim for years.

Innovation knows no geographical bounds or hierarchies

Innovation requires permanent global exchange. Exchange between specialists and lateral thinkers, between experts and new arrivals, between those on the inside and those on the outside. The basis for this is always an efficient process, in which ideas are not lost and the energy invested does not vanish into thin air. At Budenheim, we have developed this process into an efficient tool, the "Budenheim Innovation Process". This organises the development of new ideas from their conception, through their evaluation and refinement, right down to their implementation and market launch. Rapidity and interaction with customers and institutions, science and associations are of particular importance for this tightly organised process. As a result of this, we have compressed the process, shortened decision stages and created a culture of innovation to ensure that new ideas fall onto fertile soil.

The birthplace of an idea DOES matter

Ideas don't need rules and boundaries - especially not in the mind. Ideas need a specific climate - a climate of open-mindedness. The willingness to be inspired by everything, whilst embracing unlimited, yet interconnected, thinking.