Can a company have a unique personality?

A pleasant working atmosphere can be felt immediately. The best example of this is the atmosphere at Budenheim: all Budenheim employees see people as fellow individuals first, then as suppliers and business partners. This attitude finds expression in their open and warm treatment of others, coupled with absolute trustworthiness. Therefore, rather than feeling like they are doing business with an anonymous global player, Budenheim customers work with us as close business associates. The fact that customers become loyal customers really could have something to do with our personality.

For us, economic success is human.

At Budenheim, people are not assets that we judge solely by their profitability. Our view of individuals is much more complex. Let us put it this way: our economic success is based on our staff. Their abilities, their satisfaction, their social skills - after all, offering advice and guidance to our clients all over the world is a significant part of our business. Our commitment is to make life that little bit better for people, and to take pleasure in doing so.

Perhaps we are so innovative because we're so old-fashioned.

At Budenheim, values are still worth something. Timeless values such as loyalty, respect, integrity, composure, reliability, open-mindedness and tolerance - the list could go on forever. Why are these values so important to us, you ask? Because they are the foundation of all our activities. People should be able to rely on us. And people can rely on us unconditionally, because we never put financial success above our responsibility towards fellow humans, the environment and society - today and in the future. That's why Budenheim only employs people who share this way of thinking. This humane dimension is also reflected in our products. With the will to change, we guarantee our future and that of our clients. That's why we are so innovative - because in some aspects, we're so old-fashioned.

When was the last time you were really happy and content?

Been a long time since someone asked you that? Shame. At Budenheim, this question is an integral part of everyday activity. After all, the happiness of our employees is just as important as their performance. Or do you know of someone who works effectively when they're unhappy? You see, we also do this for the benefit of our business, and we're honest about it.