Family tradition as a recipe for success

Owner-operated - the most trust-generating statement that can be made about a multinational company. The Oetker Group is a family-owned enterprise, currently headed by Richard Oetker, and is now in its fourth generation. Since 1923 Budenheim has been part of the large Oetker family. Such a strong partnership represents significant commitment. The Bielefeld-based family company has shaped Germany's business landscape, in addition to its products, with truly unique value orientation. A highly ethical company culture, which has had and continues to have a lasting influence on the Budenheim company atmosphere.

Unforgotten product names as a synonym for a unique success story.

"Backin" cost ten pfennigs and contained exactly the right amount of baking powder and other ingredients to guarantee a delicious cake. Another beloved cooking aid was "Gustin", a starch used to thicken sauces. But that was only the beginning.

Much more than cakes and puddings.

Who doesn't conjure up images of freshly baked cakes and tasty puddings when thinking of Dr. Oetker? They are pleasant, mouth-watering associations, after all. But companies that think about tomorrow inevitably diversify. With some 27,000 employees and a turnover of Euros 10 billion (2013), the Oetker Group is now one of the largest European family-run enterprises. The Oetker Group holding company is Dr. August Oetker KG. A wide diversification in six business areas with more than 400 companies all over the world distinguishes the internationally active company, which is over 100 years old.

The management holding company Dr. August Oetker KG currently controls six largely independent business areas: foods - beer and non-alcoholic drinks - champagne, wine and spirits - shipping - banking - other interests.
 The business area of other interests includes companies from the publishing sector, four Oetker Group luxury hotels, and us, Budenheim.