Pleasant cooperation

Open, reliable and solution-orientated - these are attributes that best describe how we treat our business partners and suppliers. We do this with the deep conviction that only a cooperative working atmosphere can yield truly excellent results. And given that teams achieve more when a common goal has been established beforehand, we have established our principles in written form.

Binding content

The manual for partner companies fulfils two fundamental objectives: protection and orientation. Anyone who enters the Budenheim chemical plant premises is on the grounds of the leading phosphate producer. A leader in terms of quality, service and profitability. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technological developments, and our products meet the highest quality standards. This presents benefits for our business partners, consumers and the environment alike. Our manual serves to protect this comprehensive commitment.

Clear target agreement.

In order to supply our business partners with the best-possible raw materials at all times, we constantly invest in modern production systems and polished production processes. To achieve this, we demand meticulous quality management. Its duties involve the permanent optimisation of all procedures and processes. 

Concentrated action.

For environmental protection, occupational safety and system safety. Only the combination of these measures can lead to sustained company success. And since our responsibility does not end at the plant's gates, we place enormous importance on enabling inspections at any time, whilst executing all activities safely and with respect for the environment. This is something that can only be achieved through the active collaboration of all of our partner companies.

Perceptible success.

Every rule must be brought to life in order to ensure it becomes anchored in the collective conscience. Our experience in this field is more than encouraging. This spirit can be felt everywhere where partner companies carry out work for us, whether on private or public land: an "unwritten law" of responsibility and a duty of care.

(Background picture: Agency meeting 2008)