Everything can be improved. If you want to.

Forward-looking acting has been a matter of course for us since the very beginning. As a result of this, every company decision is made whilst considering the bigger picture. After all, we are aware that society, the environment and company targets should never be viewed on their own - every decision made today has an immediate effect on the future. In light of this, our quality commitment only ever describes one process - the single aim of improving it in the near future, whilst ensuring more cost-effective, healthier and environmentally friendly procedures.

Six Sigma and lean management

The company culture plays a pivotal role in ensuring its success. As a result of this, we have implemented the Six Sigma management methodology at Budenheim. The Six Sigma principle: the willingness to constantly optimise successful features. We have brought this groundbreaking management method to life, and transmitted it to every last corner of our company. The result: a measurable, targeted, structured and animated process. In practice: a concentrated action that spans our products, all of our processes, every single employee and the entire working environment. The basis of this methodology is a clear target definition. And what are our target agreements directed at?…  more

Environmental management

Nature is helped by actions, not words. In light of this, we have consistently defined the coexistence of the environment and chemical production in our business objective, and have established an environmental resort. The Budenheim environmental management system (EHS) follows clear guiding principles and receives the same dedicated consideration as a business area. The company directors define the principles, and a clear structure ensures that they are embraced throughout the entire company - tasks, authorities and responsibilities are clearly regulated.…  more