At Budenheim, environmental protection is more
than a passing notion.

Nature is helped by actions, not words. In light of this, we have consistently defined the coexistence of the environment and chemical production in our business objective, and have established an environmental resort. The Budenheim environmental management system (EHS) follows clear guiding principles and receives the same dedicated consideration as a business area. The company directors define the principles, and a clear structure ensures that they are embraced throughout the entire company - tasks, authorities and responsibilities are clearly regulated.

Environmental protection prospers best as a continuous process.

All company decisions directed towards sustainability require a consistent and continuous procedure - especially in the areas of environmental protection, health protection and safety at work. These permanent efforts inevitably pay off.

Why the success of our company also represents success for the environment.

Parallel to our ever-growing business success over the past few years, the environmental indicator has also significantly improved in the last decade. If you were to ask us what we are particularly proud of, our honest answer would be: both.