Major aims need structure.
A structure filled with life.

The company culture plays a pivotal role in ensuring its success. As a result of this, we have implemented the Six Sigma management methodology at Budenheim. The Six Sigma principle: the willingness to constantly optimise successful features. We have brought this groundbreaking management method to life, and transmitted it to every last corner of our company. The result: a measurable, targeted, structured and animated process. In practice: a concentrated action that spans our products, all of our processes, every single employee and the entire working environment. The basis of this methodology is a clear target definition. And what are our target agreements directed at?

Helping to structure modern society also means accepting responsibility.

The significant and sustainable improvement of life for the general public is a responsibility we are proud to assume. Since we see this requirement as an unexpressed duty - as part of our company ethics - we leave nothing to chance. Quite the opposite.

Given the lack of objective opinions, we only trust hard facts.

By way of example, let us take football. The objective of football is to get the ball and score. It sounds simple, but it serves as a clear description of the core aim of highly complex processes: simplification. And just as modern football today uses the latest expert sporting methods, we use innovative data analyses to arrive at a clear target strategy that is embraced by every member of staff throughout the company. Here, Six Sigma also offers valuable assistance. Every team member is aware of their role, and reacts confidently, constructively and effectively within the framework of the tactical direction. In fact, a lot more can be learnt and taken from team sports.

The star is the team

Only an experienced team with clear aims for success is able to effectively answer the global challenges of the market. Based on this insight, the following management targets have been in place at Budenheim for years, forming an inherent part of our company culture: efficiency, quality assurance, market orientation, customer proximity, and internationalisation.
For us, this means permanent cost control – with simultaneous improvements in quality.As well as constant product quality through cutting-edge, environmentally friendly production processes, needs-based solutions, competent advice through exclusive expert teams, permanent customer communication, and global service in all key markets. In short, we assume our responsibilities from A to Z. And sometimes even further. Our customers notice that. We have enhanced our management further to become permanent quality management.