When the extraordinary becomes
a matter of course

Quality is the opposite of chance. Truly outstanding results can only be achieved by those who set continuously high standards, who refuse to settle for their current achievements and who constantly strive to surpass the status quo. At Budenheim, we have been committed to these principles for decades. The result: the purest additives and the same consistent quality. What's more, we never tire of striving for perfection.


Budenheim is deeply rooted in a tradition of global quality standards. Back in the 1970s, Budenheim had already developed a process that enabled the production of the purest phosphates. The absolute purity of the whole production procedure never fails to impress: At the end of the process, 30,000 litres of clear drinking water are recovered every year. An obvious example of how quality always pays off. For us, for our clients - and for the environment.…  more


Quality is inspected at every stage of the process - just one fault and the chain is broken. As a result of this, we rely on the latest technological systems during all production phases, from raw materials right to the processing of the final product. A final quality inspection makes sure that only the most suitable and pure products leave our plants in perfect condition.…  more