Constant confirmation of quality

Quality is inspected at every stage of the process - just one fault and the chain is broken. As a result of this, we rely on the latest technological systems during all production phases, from raw materials right to the processing of the final product. A final quality inspection makes sure that only the most suitable and pure products leave our plants in perfect condition.
All of our production processes are subject to continuous inspection and optimisation procedures. By the beginning of the 1990s, the company had already successfully introduced voluntary audits. Since 2002 regular targets have been defined and implemented in terms of quality management. In order to ensure that we fulfil our own high demands for quality, we need motivated personnel. Their sense of responsibility and expertise are constantly enhanced through intensive profitable discussions and training courses. Our forceful attitude has earned us and our products the trust of clients all over the world. After all, to our clients upholding purity standards not only means top quality and smooth production processes, but also a secure future - our products meet the legal requirements of tomorrow. We think of the future today.