People should be able to rely on us

Reliability is a basic virtue. A priceless value in human coexistence. Budenheim has made this attitude one of its basic principles. All of our partners know where they stand with us and what they can rely on - always. Our partners include: business partners, suppliers, authorities, associations, the environment and people like you and me - everyone involved with Budenheim products in everyday life. We have established this company policy of reliability in four binding points:

We accept responsibility.

At Budenheim, economic aims never conflict with environmental protection, health protection and safety at work. Quite the opposite: responsible action yields mid and long-term benefits for everyone. Our inspiration was and is the unique company culture of the Dr. Oetker Group, to which we belong. At Budenheim, our management staff in particular serve as motivating guideline for all employees.

We are committed to collaborative partnerships.

Transparency creates trust. Our open company policy helps to consolidate a good, faithful atmosphere. Therefore, we maintain constant communication with employees, authorities and business partners.

We are dedicated to further development every day.

If you are not going forwards you are moving backwards. As a result, Budenheim is constantly engaged in a permanent improvement process that spans every single area of the company. We never tire of using our products to improve the quality of life of today's generation, without neglecting our responsibility towards those to come.

We have tightened environmental regulations.

Emission protection laws protect the atmosphere from harmful environmental influences. Since Budenheim has always been into maintaining an agreeable climate, we are one step ahead and have been surpassing the minimum legal requirements for years. In figures: 60% reduction of dust emissions since 1994. This helps the environment, and reflects a particularly trustworthy atmosphere to authorities and the public. For us, this is part and parcel of unconditional reliability.