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Budenheim becomes a new member of Pinfa-NA

COLUMBUS, Ohio, USA. The chemical specialist Budenheim is pleased to announce they are now a member of Pinfa-NA (Phosphorus, Inorganic and Nitrogen Flame Retardants Association-North America).

Leaders in the flame retardant industry created the organization to focus on non-halogen solutions and materials. Pinfa-NA is a sister organization of Europe’s Pinfa, a sector of the group Cefic (the European Chemical Industry Council), where Budenheim has been a member for years.

“We are excited to join Pinfa-NA and expand our membership from Europe to North America.”, commented Dr. Thomas Futterer, Head of Innovation and Application Development from Budenheim and Vice Chair of Pinfa. “Advancing environmentally friendly, non-halogenated flame retardant solutions are a global priority and Budenheim is committed to promote the importance of sustainable solutions.” New sustainable concepts in flame retardants are providing superior performance in the application while enabling recycling, creating a platform for a more circular economy.

Halogen-free flame retardants from Budenheim provide non-toxic and non-corrosive fire protection with minimized release of smoke, protecting people, goods and the environment. The BUDIT® 3 Series and BUDIT® 6 Series product ranges cover the entire application spectrum within engineering plastics (e.g. PA, PBT) as well as polyolefins (e.g. PE, PP). Budenheim’s FR CROS® specialties in intumescent coatings are dealing with fire protection for steel structures, wood, textiles (OEKOTEX® certified), adhesives and sealants. Learn more about Budenheim on