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Budenheim presents first webinar on coatings

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures, but also offer exciting opportunities. The specialty chemicals company Budenheim is delighted to announce the first “Digital Academy on Coatings”. It will take place on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 from 10:45 am to 3:00 pm, CET.

The free webinar will provide an interesting overview on special and innovative FR CROS® solutions in fire protective coatings of steel, wood and textiles.

In depth, the sessions cover the following topics:

  • European fire safety regulations in building and construction
    Jérôome De Boysère, Sales Manager EMEA
  • Efficient fire protection in all applications
    New charring promoters in water-based intumescent coatings
    David Garcia, Manager of Innovation & Application Development
  • Protect the beauty of wood from fire
    Innovative crystal-clear wood coatings solutions
    Dr. Sebastian Moschel, Manager of Innovation & Application Development
  • Flame retardant textile back coatings
    Textile fire protection and water stability while maintaining low viscosity
    Jérôome De Boysère, Sales Manager EMEA
  • An innovation arena of functional surfaces
    Zinc-free anti-corrosion pigments, advanced solution package for fire safety in transportation and others
    Dr. Thomas Futterer, Head of Innovation & Application Development

Seats can be saved by registering with the following link:

Register here for the free webinar on coatings