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Budenheim at K Fair 2019

Highlights to talk about.

The specialized chemical company Budenheim offers solutions for plastics processing in the electronics, automotive and construction industries. Budenheim is an internationally operating company with a worldwide network at its disposal to optimally serve the markets with regional productions, sales teams and logistics centres.

Visit Budenheim in Hall 8A, booth 32 at the K trade show 2019, the most important international innovation platform for the plastics and rubber industry. Find out about the latest functional additives and flame retardants for polymers. The following highlights from Budenheim await you at K 2019, October 26 - 23:

Ecofriendly flame-retardants for WPCs

Resource-saving, natural fibre-reinforced plastics (e.g. WPC) are in vogue. They are mainly used for decking boards, but also for façade claddings and privacy fences in outdoor areas.

In addition to their mechanical properties and durability, effective fire protection is required for use indoors and in public buildings. The environmentally friendly, halogen-free flame retardant system BUDIT® 620 was specially developed for natural fiber-reinforced plastics and meets the high requirements for their fire behavior.

At our booth you will also find answers to your questions about halogen-free flame retardants in other polymers, such as PU foams (TCPP substitute), polyamides, polyolefins and others.

New endothermic foaming agents for lightweight design

Budenheim is presenting an innovative, two-stage foaming technology that makes it possible to control the reaction between the various active ingredients. A new feature is a boost effect with micronised cell formation in a second foaming step.

Some of the blowing agents developed by Budenheim are anhydrous and represent a unique solution for engineering plastics that are susceptible to hydrolysis. The new BUDIT® F series achieves faster cycle times and eliminates sink marks. The improved melt flow leads to a complete filling of the cavity, especially with complex mould geometries, as the inherent pressure transports the melt into the entire mould.

BUDIT® F blowing agents are environmentally friendly and suitable for injection moulding and extrusion.

Light active pigments for fast and durable laser marking

Laser technology plays an important role in the digital world of industry 4.0. Laser marking enables fast and permanent marking. Many plastics have poor absorption properties, some are even transparent to laser light.

The BUDIT® L-Series has a high selective absorption and excellent results in terms of processing speed and marking contrast.
Budenheim formulations are based on environmentally friendly ingredients that avoid substances classified as hazardous such as antimony and are safe for medical and food applications.

We look forward to welcoming you to Budenheim's booth at K 2019!

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Plastic processing in electronics, transportation and construction industries.

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Example for WPC application with ecofriendly flame retardants.

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Foaming technology for lightweight design, used in transportation systems.

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Light active pigments for fast and durable laser marking.


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