Fire protection

Fire protection is one of the key safety requirements in all public buildings, on ships and in industrial plants. Fire protection measures are installed to prevent fires breaking out, and, if they do, to significantly limit the spreading of fire and smoke in emergency situations.
Escape and rescue routes, the locations of sprinkler systems, and fireproof doors, walls and windows are already included in the construction plans of buildings. However, such measures are not exclusively a matter of construction planning. The building elements themselves should be flame-resistant, or adequately heat-resistant, without causing the development of toxic gases. Some elements, for example, are coated with an intumescent layer that swells under the influence of heat from a fire, protecting the substrate to which it is applied against flames and excessive temperatures. Furthermore special cable sheathings that ceramify and swell when exposed to fire can block wall cavities and therefore prevent short-circuiting of electrical systems.

Inorganic foams

In fire situations, important structural elements are often exposed to extreme temperatures. Therefore, particularly those that safeguard lives must be able to resist such temperatures for as long as possible.…  more


For use in plastics, Budenheim has consistently developed environmentally friendly flame retardants further to enable their direct incorporation during the production of the various base materials. Through this process, they protect household appliances, aircraft cabins, electronic cables and many other useful devices that have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives.…  more

Intumescent coatings

Many everyday objects are fire resistant to ensure that we can live our lives in safety. In order to avoid ecological and health hazards, Budenheim has made important advances in the production of halogen-free flame retardant agents. Modern additives from Budenheim also offer an additional benefit: they produce less smoke in the event of fire. As a result, these additives help to protect lives and the environment.…  more

Polyurethane foam (PU)

This extremely versatile material has become an inherent part of everyday life thanks to its excellent insulation properties, variable permanent flexibility and good durability. Whether as hard expanding foam, flexible foam in mattresses, on the soles of shoes, in sealing material, car seats or fittings, moulds, glues or lacquers, we come across polyurethane foam in all areas of life.…  more