Cleaning products

Dirt, dust, debris and oil patches don’t stand a chance. Phosphates and ready-to-use cleaning formulas from Budenheim make a clean job of things for many industrial and technical uses - car washes, dipping baths in the car industry, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, bottle cleaning in breweries, or washing-up liquids in hotel and hospital catering.

Not only do these uses require optimum dirt removal, but it is also important that surfaces and fibres are treated as delicately as possible. Special cleaners are also used in the textile industry to treat natural and synthetic materials in so-called wet finishing. Before processing, the fibres must be bleached and removed of any water-repellent substances.

Dispersing agent

Dirt and impurities can gather on surfaces and fibres. Cleaning with liquids dissolves dirt particles and deposits from fibres. Dispersing agents are… more

Complexing agents

Complexing agents can bind metal ions in aqueous environments. They are used in numerous industrial processes due to this property. Phosphates are… more

pH adjustment

pH readings make it possible to determine whether a solution is acidic or alkaline. Phosphates are used to adjust alkalinity in order to help dissolve… more