Halogen-free flame retardants

Many everyday objects are fire resistant to ensure that we can live our lives in safety. In order to avoid ecological and health hazards, Budenheim has made important advances in the production of halogen-free flame retardant agents. Modern additives from Budenheim also offer an additional benefit: they produce less smoke in the event of fire. As a result, these additives help to protect lives and the environment.

Flameproofing plays an essential role in making many of the products of modern life safe to use. Flame-retardant additives are found in household appliances, computers, consumer electronics, home furnishings, inside our cars, in buildings, public transport and passenger aircraft. In all of these cases, these additives have the responsibility of keeping us safe.Yet the components of flameproofed materials themselves must be safe and free of environmental or health hazards.Budenheim has addressed the challenges of environmental and health protection, and now specialises exclusively in flame retardants that are totally free of halogens. This is a contribution that sets important standards while simultaneously fulfilling the legal requirements of the future, too. ... more