HFFR for paper and wood composites

In paper, cardboard or modern wood composites such as MDF, halogen-free flamer retardants with a phosphate content of over 7% make sure that rather than burning, the material carbonises without the formation of flames. An important requirement for ensuring a happy birthday celebration for your children, for instance.
The working method of halogen-free flame retardants in paper is similar to that of intumescent systems.
The special phosphates contained in the mixture are water-soluble or easily dispersable. They can be mixed into the flameproofing liquid which is applied through  spraying, rolling or immersion. Concerning use in fibreboards, chipboards, plywood and wood plastic composites, Budenheim offers intumescent halogen-free special phosphates. They remain thermally stable at temperatures well over 300ºC, and are not washed out with water. Another significant advantage: they are not corrosive, and, therefore, do not present any problems during processing.
The suitable flameproof phosphate for the binding agent used can be incorporated during production.