Food for babies and infants should, of course, be tasty, but it must also be healthy and perfectly produced. That’s why it is subject to the strictest regulations. These products must have high nutritional values in order to provide the best support for growing babies. For mineral enrichment, Budenheim offers a broad range of premium mineral phosphates with highest purity levels.

As well as purity, the exact dosage of mineral additives is also very important.
Baby and infant foods are of the best nutritional value when they are adapted precisely to the requirements for growth and development in individual age groups. The formulas and dosages of the ingredients range between a narrowly defined set of maximum and minimum values. Budenheim offers individual solutions that can be adapted precisely to the required mineral content, composition and packaging.

Mineral enrichment

Our little ones need a lot of energy to grow. After all, a baby's body weight triples within the first year of life. A sufficient supply of iron and calcium is essential … more