Mineral enrichment

Our little ones need a lot of energy to grow. After all, a baby's body weight triples within the first year of life. A sufficient supply of iron and calcium is essential for blood formation and for developing healthy teeth and bones.
Phosphates as mineral sources have a neutral taste and are inert, which means that they do not react with other ingredients. Thus, any undesired changes in taste, colour or consistency are avoided. Iron phosphates from Budenheim are well suited to producing neutral baby food because they are white. Calcium phosphates have a high mineral content, between 22 and 39 per cent. With these and other premium mineral phosphates, Budenheim always provides the right ingredients to help our little ones grow healthily. According to the EU, phosphorus is needed for normal growth and development of children's bones. In addition, magnesium, calcium and iron are essential elements for the human body at all stages of life, and must be obtained in sufficient quantities from food. Whether in drinks, cereals, milk and soya products, or in food products for athletes, babies or for a balanced diet: enrichment of foods with minerals and trace elements supports a balanced diet.