Superbly light and deliciously fresh baked goods straight from the oven are one of life’s great pleasures. Every manner of baking has its own character. But the choice and blend of ingredients make the fine distinction. This also applies to the various baking actions needed to achieve an optimum result in the texture and the volume of baked goods.

Whether you’re developing complete mixtures for use in the home or producing baked goods in industry, our diverse range of leavening agents, flour and dough improvers, dough acidifying agents and mineral additives of the highest quality gives you the right ingredient for successful sweet and savoury bakes every time. Budenheim offers tailor-made leavening systems for the different applications which we also develop for special mixtures based on your own recipe requirements and support at your premises in the form of baking trials.

Leavening acids

Key to baking success are the rate of reaction (ROR) and the neutralisation value. This is because the volume, density and structural quality of baking products are … more

Dough & flour improvement

Differences in the flour quality influence the elasticity and consistency of doughs. Calcium phosphates are used to optimise the knead tolerance and to enhance stability … more

Mineral enrichment

Calcium, magnesium and iron phosphates supply the most important nutrients and trace elements that the human body needs.… more

Anti-caking agents

Lumps tend to form easily in powders. The reason for this is the cohesion between the individual particles. The smaller the particle size, i.e. the finer the powder the … more


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