Lumps tend to form easily in powders. The reason for this is the cohesion between the individual particles. The smaller the particle size, i.e. the finer the powder the stronger the cohesion between the individual particles and the greater the impact on the powder’s free-flowing properties Anti-caking agents help to maintain good flowing properties.

The flowing qualities of powder substances are important for industrial processing. They allow to keep your process stages firmly under control and to regulate silo discharge, automatic dosage and the production of mixtures with utmost precision. This is essential in food production as well as in the pharmaceutical industry - for example, in tablet compression.

Anti-caking agents from Budenheim enable moisture to be absorbed in large quantities, thanks to their high specific surface area. This is particularly effective in preventing hygroscopic products (i.e. products that absorb moisture from the air) from forming lumps. A separating layer between individual particles significantly reduces the points of contact and, therefore, the strength of cohesion. Even with prolonged storage and the pressure of their own weight, powdered goods remain free-flowing and therefore ready for processing.