Melt-in-the-mouth cheese is what turns many a meal into a favourite dish - pizza, noodles and vegetables au gratin, fondue, cheese on toast, dips or a creamy spread on bread. But before these delicious cheese creations melt our hearts away, they first need to be rendered to a texture that’s soft and spreadable. Budenheim supplies top-quality emulsifying salts which are finely tuned to produce the required result.
Processed cheese can be much more than simply delicious. For health-conscious cheese lovers, low-sodium cheese or cheese enriched with various minerals and dietary fibre can be manufactured using emulsifying salts from Budenheim. Salts with optimum solubility and anti-caking properties complete a product range used in the widest variety of processed cheese products.

Adjusting the pH value

The pH value required for the end-product is adjusted using salts which correct acid and alkaline pH values.…  more

Ion exchange

The most important job that emulsifying salts do is to enact an ion exchange in the cheese mixture, whereby monovalent sodium and potassium ions replace the polyvalent calcium ions.…  more


Creaming is a swelling process caused by hydratation of the proteins, ion exchange and adjustment of the pH value.…  more