Isotonic drinks are quick magic potions that rapidly replenish energy and mineral reserves after physical activity.

Through sweating, you lose sodium and potassium in particular. Potassium phosphate is especially well suited for mineral enrichment, as it provides valuable potassium and also acts as an acidifier.

Other products enriched with calcium, magnesium and iron help to prevent mineral deficiencies and to always ensure sufficient supplies of vital nutrients. Calcium plays a decisive role in our bodies for building bones and teeth. Since milk consumption is very low, especially among young people, orange juices are well suited to calcium enrichment. Calcium phosphates from Budenheim have a high mineral content of between 22 and 39 per cent, and are suitable for use as universal, tasteless and highly stable calcium sources due to their bright white colour and powder form.

Physical specifications such as the particle size of the ingredients are also important in preparing the right mixture. The right granulation is an important criterion in liquid (and powder) products for preparing the substances, and for ensuring their quality. The finer the ingredient particles in drinks are, the less they tend to settle on the bottom of the container. Depending on the processing requirements, Budenheim offers particle sizes down to just 3 µm, so that any type of mixture can be produced.