Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and always firm to the bite - that’s how the ideal meat and sausage products are supposed to be - consistently appetising in the displays and refrigerated counters or at home on the plate. However, the great diversity of tasty culinary delights requires complex manufacturing processes, each with very specialised requirements.

For boiling, smoking, tumbling, curing, drying, fermenting and heating, Budenheim supplies solutions to support every meat processing operation. The top priority is to guarantee the freshness, taste and optimum further processing of meat products. So that emulsion-type products, cold cuts and cooked cured meats are always delicious, and connoisseurs have their fill of pleasure, too.

Water retention capacity

In the living muscle tissues, the cell’s own phosphate compound, ATP (adenosine triphosphate), controls the open structure of the muscle protein actomyosin, and … more


The solubility and the rate at which an additive is dissolved play a decisive role in the manufacture of meat products. As diphosphates dissolve particularly poorly in … more

Emulsion stabilisation

Only a stable meat emulsion can guarantee, in further processing, that binding, colour and consistency are ideal in the end product.… more