Milk products

Milk isn’t just for small children. Milk and whey products - in forms other than liquid - are also indispensable for the daily diet of grown-ups. They lighten up morning coffee and turn muesli and cornflakes into a tasty breakfast. And that’s not to mention a healthy glass of milk during the day or a chocolate drink for when you’re out and about.

From production to store, milk and dairy products are processed through many stages. Additives from Budenheim prevent loss of quality during the production process while improving shelf-life and consistency. Specialties from Budenheim in the form of stabilisers, acidity regulators, separating agents and mineral additives are a key contributor to making the most of milk - for more than 50 years now.


Milk is a rapidly perishable food. Once milked, it needs to be cooled or processed quickly. To ensure it remains a safe food, it is subjected to various heat treatment … more

Mineral enrichment

All methods of milk sterilisation and preservation result in the loss of constituents. Mineral enrichment helps to compensate for losses of precious minerals during the … more

Process optimisation

An unwelcome side-effect in the mechanical and thermal processing of milk and whey products is the precipitation of protein fractions and mineral salts.… more

Anti-caking agents

Lumps tend to form easily in powders. The reason for this is the cohesion between the individual particles. The smaller the particle size, i.e. the finer the powder the … more


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