The potato is a staple food, yet it does more than just satisfy hunger. Whether as a full meal or a delicious side dish, the potato is a valued ingredient in many types of cooking.

The Latin American vegetable is full of nutrients and can be prepared in a variety of ways: delicious served mashed, in a gratin or as chips or dumplings - or even on their own. And what film night is complete without that quiet crunch!? We have the versatile spud to thank for a host of irresistible crisps and potato shapes.

Colour stabilisation

Once a potato has been cut, it doesn’t take long until the revealed surface turns brown. This is completely harmless, but it does not look very appetising.

The reason for this is acid, which reacts with enzymes contained in the potato. But even our grandmothers knew what to do to avoid this: just put them in water. Although this might work in domestic situations, a different solution is needed for industrial processing - sodium pyrophosphate. This prevents the undesired staining on peeled potatoes, keeping the surface fresh.