The secret is in the mix. For a given nutritional value profile, ingredients must be supplied in the right combination and in the right form. Whether in drinks, cereals, milk and soya products, or in food for athletes, babies or for a balanced diet, Budenheim offers a broad range of premium mineral phosphates in various particle sizes for individual premix formulas.

Mineral enrichment

Calcium, magnesium and iron phosphates provide the main elements and trace elements the human body requires.…  more

Anti-caking agents

Lumps tend to form easily in powders. The reason for this is the cohesion between the individual particles. The smaller the particle size, i.e. the finer the powder the stronger the cohesion between the individual particles and the greater the impact on the powder’s free-flowing properties Anti-caking agents help to maintain good flowing properties.…  more


Dosage via a carrier is often required for the processing of liquid or semi-solid ingredients. The carriers must stay dry, solid and, above all, neutral.…  more