By courtesy of Pininfarina

Lithium ion batteries

Environmentally friendly power straight from the socket: the vision of electromobility is closely linked to the advances made in battery technology. Only the very recent developments in cathode technology can enable powerful, cutting-edge lithium ion batteries. These can provide sufficient energy density for the operation of hybrid or electric cars, or even for home appliances and electric forklifts.

Rechargeable lithium ion batteries with a lithium iron phosphate cathode are characterised by their high performance, durability, safety and cost as compared to other available lithium ion batteries on the market. As a result, they are used in a range of applications such as large batteries in power plants where they ensure uninterrupted power by storing exess power that is supplied during peak power demand. For such batteries, Budenheim produces the necessary iron phosphates in a patented manufacturing process that meets the high purity requirements of lithium ion batteries.

Precursor materials

Efficiency and the highest safety levels! These requirements must be met by the battery systems of the future, thus opening up a new market with enormous growth … more