Using application-specific specialty chemicals is essential in metal construction and in the metal industry. When added to paints and varnishes, they protect in case of fire and against corrosion. In metal forming, lubricants and release agents reduce friction and wear, while descaling agents remove scale from metal surfaces. Budenheim offers more than 100 specialised formulations in liquid and powder form, individually tailored to customer requirements and addressing key challenges in industry. Offering a full solution of speciality chemicals and plant technology allows for the best possible support from just one source, leading to excellent results.

Seamless Tube Rolling

Whether as oil pipelines, as heat exchangers in power plants, in mechanical or plant engineering or in modern steel construction - seamless steel… more

Die forging

Crankshafts, camshafts, gear wheels: Without them, all machines would stand still. With the forging process, in which parts of steel like these are… more

Surface treatment

Before metal surfaces can be painted or powder-coated, they must be pre-treated. It is often through phosphatizing that metal surfaces obtain the… more