Phosphates perform heavy work in metal constructions or in the metal industry. When added to paints or varnishes they protect against corrosion, and in metal processing they are used in lubricating and separating agents to reduce friction and abrasion. Budenheim offers over 100 specialised phosphate products in liquid and powder form. No application is too demanding, and they can withstand any climate.

Seamless Tube Rolling

Whether as oil pipelines, heat exchangers in power plants, in machine and plant construction or in modern steel engineering, seamless pipes play a major role in … more

Die forging

Crankshafts, camshafts and gear wheels: machines just wouldn’t work without them. These workpieces are especially sturdy thanks to the forging process involved in … more

Surface treatment

Before metal surfaces can be painted or powder-coated, they must be pre-treated. It is often through phosphatation that metal surfaces obtain the durable base that then … more