Seamless Tube Rolling

Whether as oil pipelines, heat exchangers in power plants, in machine and plant construction or in modern steel engineering, seamless pipes play a major role in industry. They are manufactured up to a nominal width of 50 cm, and, in comparison to welded pipes, are sturdier, lighter and less susceptible to corrosion.

With PHOSPHATHERM, Budenheim provides a unique range of lubricating and separating agents for all forming steps and levels. Besides black products containing graphite for heavy applications, the product range also contains so-called white products, clean separating agents that are suitable for light to medium applications. Budenheim’s green biodegradable products, in particular, take into account the increasing environmental aspects. Yet another distinguishing feature from Budenheim is that, as well as liquid concentrates, we also provide products in powder form for the white and black ranges. This reduces transport costs and ensures problem-free application in cold climate zones.


During the rolling of the seamless pipes, the steel to be processed is exposed to extremely high temperatures. The surface becomes chemically active, whereby the oxygen … more

Friction and wear reduction

During the manufacture of seamless steel pipes, lubricating and separating agents ensure that the surfaces of tools and workpieces are separated from one another, while … more