Paints and Coatings

Paints and coatings are a part of everyday life; without paints, our lives would be monotonous and dull. However, the purpose of paints and coatings is more than just to please the eye. They often have important benefits, too. Functional coatings protect materials against abrasion and wear. For metal and concrete construction elements, they serve as fire-retardant media, and, of course, are also an effective barrier against the attacks of rust.

Our everyday lives would be unimaginable without coatings such as paints, emulsions, glazes or enamels. They bring colour to our lives, and protect against abrasion, wear and corrosion. The addition of phosphates is essential for giving paints and varnishes particular functional or colour properties. Here, the extreme purity and consistency of phosphates from Budenheim make them the ideal choice.