An engobe (or slip) is a glaze-like, low-viscosity pouring mass containing clay. The function of an engobe is to pigment the basic ceramic materials and protect them against external influences.
Ceramic-based articles like roof tiles and other tiles are constantly exposed to particular stresses during their life cycle, such as extreme weather conditions. The protective layer provided by an engobe makes tiles resilient against external influences for decades to come. They are applied in a perfectly simple dipping, spraying or brushing process.


The addition of water makes clays smooth and formable, a fact that makes production processes significantly easier. The addition of phosphates creates a similar effect. This not only saves water, but also the energy that would have had to be used to evaporate the water out of the clay.…  more

Gloss and opacity enhancement

Strong, glossy colours, additives from Budenheim also enhance the visual effect of engobes.…  more