Paints and varnishes

Everyday life without paints and varnishes is unimaginable. Almost all metallic materials are either painted or varnished - either to improve their appearance or as protection against corrosion and wear.

Corrosion protection

Rust on vehicle bodywork is annoying, but in comparison to the damage caused by corrosion on large metal structures such as bridges, train station buildings and industrial plants, it is of minor concern.…  more

Intumescent coatings

In modern architecture, such as public buildings and cutting-edge industrial plants built on steel or concrete structures, polyphosphates from Budenheim are used in paints and coatings. They stabilise the strength of the substrate in the event of a fire, therefore ensuring maximum safety for people.…  more

Binders for high-temperature paints

Today's high-temperature paints are an effective barrier against rust. Quite apart from this property, they also provide resistance against a multitude of solvents and chemical substances. However, the most important requirement that these paints must fulfil is thermal stability of their organic components.…  more

Dispersing agent for emulsion and silicon resin paints

Paints used for interior or exterior home decorating have even better brushing and opacity properties thanks to the addition of phosphates.…  more