Paper and cardboard

Books, newspapers, brochures and writing paper are part of everyday life. Wallpaper, kitchen paper and cardboard packaging have also become indispensable. In other countries (Japan, for example), paper also plays an important role in interior decorating. Global production with the largest and most precise machines available is increasing continually. Likewise the volume of recycled paper is also growing steadily.
Paper is produced from fragments of fibres, where the basis is wood, other plant materials or textiles. Depending on the usage, a variety of additional binders and fillers are added.
The quality of different papers varies greatly. Its range includes simple hygiene items, coated paper for glossy brochures, and speciality products such as transparent paper or paper for bank notes.

Processing agents

In many production methods processing agents, are used. Usually they are not present in the finished product, but still play an important role in manufacturing by guaranteeing the quality of the end product.…  more

Flame protection

In paper, cardboard or modern wood composites such as MDF, halogen-free flamer retardants with a phosphate content of over 7% make sure that rather than burning, the material carbonises without the formation of flames. An important requirement for ensuring a happy birthday celebration for your children, for instance.…  more