Pharmaceutical & Medical Products

Pharmaceutical Products

For solid oral dosage forms (tablets, capsules, sachets) we offer specialised pharmaceutical excipients of high quality to meet all requirements resulting from drug formulation, especially from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) characteristics, and from modern drug manufacturing processes. Additionally, we have upgraded former atypical API’s to actual API’s, fulfilling highest ICHQ7 or similar EU regulatory standards for defined Calcium-, Magnesium- and Sodium Phosphate products. For the biopharmaceutical production we are the right partner to cover different functionalities, from a nutrient to stabilizing process agents in fermentation processes and to starting materials for the final active ingredient.

Medical Products

Hydroxyapatite (HA) is a natural biological material, found in bones. Today it is often been used as bone replacement and for the preparation and the coating of medical implants. We can provide this material with different morphologies at a defined high purity and quality level fulfilling relevant ISO norms.

Personal Care

Our products have a wide range of applications within the cosmetical industry. From shampoo and gels to toothpaste, our goal is to supply you with high quality ingredients. The functionalities of our products include buffering, complexation, and dispensation, as well as polishing agents and cariostatics.