PharSQ® 4you

We make pharmaceuticals better and safer. This is what we are striving for. PharSQ® is more than just a product offer to you.

All our PharSQ® products are physically and chemically stable excipients. We are reliably fulfilling highest regulation requirements like ICHQ3D elemental impurity level limit values for oral use. We have extended this approach even to those PharSQ® products, which are not listed in any monograph of the leading pharmacopoeias and are ready to offer further contributions to your risk assessment. A deep level of testing expertise is available in-house: Our lab has qualified state-of-the-art equipment using validated test-methods. All major production lines are certified by EXCiPACT (cGMP and cGDP) with Budenheim achieving this standard in 2014 already, the starting year of this new independent and international standard. You are striving for the highest safety level: Take a look into our PharSQ® Active offer and enter the world of ICHQ7.

We have a long history in offering excipients and active pharmaceuticals to our customers, which goes back to the 50’s of the last century. We know what we are doing and therefore our customers remain loyal to us. “Made in Germany” means, that we are following solid and controlled manufacturing processes in our Budenheim site. Secured and stable supply bases for raw materials and optimized processes are key to maintain this high quality standard. Thanks to our international network and our market access strategy our products are globally available in the same quality.

Our mission is based on innovation: From new product solutions to formulation and application support. Technical competence is the basis for a close co-operation: Partnership with our customers is our goal. Our technical experts support our partners on a global basis in finding customized solutions. Latest example for a really new product solution is PharSQ® Spheres CM: A unique calcium-phosphate based pellet solution for controlled release applications opening up new opportunities to our partners.