Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Due to their excellent purity and consistently high quality, phosphates from Budenheim are especially well suited for use in the pharmaceutical industry, for example, as carriers for drugs, where precise dosages are essential. Phosphates also make a valuable contribution to body care and well-being. They are used in soaps for sensitive skin, in toothpastes for dazzlingly clean teeth, and as dietary supplements to prevent nutrient deficiency.

Solid dosage forms

A precise dosage, easy to package and simple to take: tablets and capsules are leading forms of administering medicines. Alongside the active pharmaceutical ingredient, … more

Dietary supplements

In order to stay fit and healthy, an ever-increasing number of people are using dietary supplements: as extra support for physical activity, for illness prevention or to … more

Oral hygiene

What's more attractive than a smile? If the teeth sparkle and the gums are healthy, radiance really does shine through. The best way to keep our teeth healthy is through … more

Hair and body care and liquid dosage forms

Shampoo, shower gel and soap: classic cosmetic care products for hair and body. Today, hair-removal products are also prominent in the market. The range of products on … more